The BG5 Girls

Mandy Jiroux

Mandy Jiroux was Born on December 15, 1987 in Phoneix, Arizona. Mandy’s talent came earlywhen she began taking dance at three years old, where it became obvious they were a match. After high school she decided to move to L.A. Although she wasn’t expecting it to happen so instantly, she booked as a dancer for Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. The two became great support for each other and best friends. Miley and Mandy began uploading fun videos together on youtube. From there that fueled into one of the worlds biggest online dance battles and a youtube phenomenon. Since moving to L.A. and meeting Miley, Mandy has made multiple memorable appearances.  She’s graced the Kid Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Good Morining America plus more many programs. Mandy has also been feautured in Varisty Fan Club, Cash-Cash and Fallbrooke’s music videos. She’s not finished, with BG5 Mandy is off to conqeur even more!

Hobbies: Enjoying time with friends and family, baking, shopping, acting and skateboarding
Pets: Da bunny and at home with her parents, a Maltese Ally and a Lasa Opso Dusty.
Music: The Beatles, Micheal and Janet Jackson, Metro Station, The Doors, Coldplay and Justin Timberlake
Food: French fries
Sports: Football
Movies: Ferris Buelers day off, Fight Club, Clueless, The Little Mermaid and Home Alone
Television: Gossip Girl, Full House
Books: The Twilight Saga
Number: 22
Color: Sky blue
Quote/Motto: Do da dooo lifes good!


Laura New

Laura New was born August 1st in Sydney, Australia. She began her acting and singing in theatre school and fell inlove with both as soon as she hit the stage. At sixteen she began to learn dance, which confirmed for her that, the arts were it! A year later as seventeen she began entertaining professionally. By the time she was twenty-one she’d danced for international tours, major artists and multiple dance companies. This career allowed her to travel overseas to places like Asia, pursuing another love. In 2007 she moved to L.A. to follow all of her dreams. Laura believes and proves, everything is achievable if you set goals and work hard towards it.

Hobbies: Writing music, learning new things, hiking, traveling and surfing
Pets: Owns two pitbulls
Music: Micheal and Janet Jackson, No Doubt, Ciara, Bob Marley, Sublime
Food: Sour candy
Sports: Surfing
Movies: Crazy Beautiful
Televison: Heroes
Books: Dessert Flower
Number: 8
Color: Orange, red and yellow
Quote/Motto: Everybody’s got something, so learn to love, learn to give and never give up!


Dominique Domingo

Dominique Domingo was born on April 22nd in San Diego, California. From an early age Dominique knew she was born to entertain. As soon as she began to walk and talk her parents would see and find her performing. When Growing up she participated in cheerleading and gymanstics but always knew her true passion remained in singing and dance. Right after completing highschool she began commuting to L.A. It was difficult and ittimidating but  ultimately it all paid off. She quickly booked dancing gigs with big time artists like, Missi Elliot, Jo Jo and Ameriie. Dominique also starred in the popular film Bring It On All or Nothing with friend Noreen Juliano . The two were also in a previous girl band together Soccx, based in Germany and now BG5. Dominique is a shining star and had found her home in BG5.

Hobbies: Playing guitar, exercising, shopping, self expression
Pets: White Maltese Kobe
Music: Dashboard Confessions, Colbie Calliat, Micheal and Janet Jackson, Brandy, Sara Bareilles and John Mayer
Food: Cheetohs
Sport: Basketball
Movies: Parent Trap, 1o Things I Hate About you, Ever After
Television: Prison Break  and Lost
Books: The Twilight Saga, Eckhart Tolle: Power of Now
Number: 3
Color: Magenta
Quote/Motto: Discovering the truth within me.


Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams was born in Lampasas, Texas. Brook began her singing carere at the young age of three. Brook  took place in pagents, placing on top, with her unbelievable performing skills. Shortly afterwards she performed on Jenny Jones and Maury receiving both times, a standing ovation. Just before turning fourteen she signed her first solo deal with virgin Records. In 2001, then Brooke Allison, released her first single The Kiss Off (Goodbye). The song quickly became a hit ranking #28 on the Billboards Hot 100. Later that year she relased her debut Album and since then has recorded songs for  Cinderella 2 and Disney Princess Favorites. On her journey she even had the opportunity to meet and sing with Micheal  Jackson. In return he said ” Brooke Allison, is an extrodinary talent, who has been touched by God. Brook now takes pride and joy in sharing the stage with her 4 band mates.

Hobbies: Cooking, writing and recording, shopping, traveling etc.
Pets: 2 cats Jagger and Bellea and a dog Bianca
Music: Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Micheal Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Queen, Johnny Cash, Etta James etc.
Food: Red velvet cake
Sports: To watch football and to play hockey
Movies: Daddy and Them
Television: Lost
Books: The Twilight Saga and Dean Koontz books
Number: 11
Color: Pink, purple and bright colours
Quote/Motto: Laugh as much as you breathe; love as long as you live.


Noreen Juliano

Noreen Juliano was born on September 23rd in Sunnyvale, California. In high school Noreen was an athlete and partcipated in eery sport in school. She competed as a gymnast for eleven years, competing at an Junior/Olympic Level. Throughout her life you could alway find her singing. Whether it was in church, talent shows, school or parties. In college Noreen passed up gymnastic sholarships to begin her dreams, double majoring in buisness and dance. She accompanied Dominique (another BG5 member) in the film Bring it on All or Nothing and in thier old girl group SOCCX. A multi-talent, Noreen writes, is learning to play the guitar and even used to teach yoga. BG5 is where you can find Noreen now, pursuing her passions.
Hobbies: Eating out, yoga, writing, learning guitar
Pets: Only ever had goldfish from the fair
Music: Adele, Paramore, Prince, N’SYNC, Lady Gaga and Madonna
Food: Spinach
Sports: To watch football, to participate gymnastics
Movies: The Hang Over, Anchor Man
Television: Gossip Girl and Americas Next Top Model
Books: The 4 Hour Workout, Game of Life and How to Play it
Number: 23
Color: Red
Quote/Motto: Live passionatley, passion is what drives the mind, moves the heart and satisfies the soul.

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